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A revised curriculum was implemented in September of 2014. The revision is based on three criteria: theological integrity, pedagogy of formation, and relevance to the needs of the church. It provides clearer pedagogical objectives and greater focus on formation and pastoral identity.

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The COSSO at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio offers courses for both part-time and full-time local pastors.  Courses are held in four two-week-end sessions and one two-week summer intensive session. Students are in residence for all classes.

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The Course of Study School of Ohio (COSSO) offers both the Five-Year Course of Study, as well as the  Advanced Course of Study through the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO). Our faculty is comprised of instructors from MTSO and neighboring institutions, and of well-qualified persons from the surrounding community. They are all academically gifted, theologically grounded, and deeply committed to developing faithful and transforming leadership for the church.