Course of Study School of Ohio


Until further notice, in cases of scheduling difficulties, up to two 500-level courses may be taken if all 100-300 level and at least two 400-level courses have been completed.* 

It is strongly recommended that students progress through the levels sequentially when possible.

* Exceptions only with approval from COS Director

500 level courses

Bible V: Acts, Epistles & Revelation (must pass 321 before taking 521*)

Theology in the Contemporary Church


Theological Reflection: Practice of Ministry

Bible IV: Prophets, Psalms & Wisdom Literature (must pass COS 221 before taking COS 421*)

Theological Heritage IV: Wesleyan Movement



Bible II: Torah & Israel’s History (must pass COS 221 before taking COS 421*) 

Theological Heritage II: Early Church

Worship & Sacraments

Administration & Polity

Bible III: Gospels (must pass COS 321 before taking COS 521*)

Theological Heritage III: Medieval-Reformation

Congregational Care


200-400 level courses

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All 100 level coures must be taken before any others*

Bible I: Introduction

Theological Heritage I: Introduction

Formation & Discipleship

Transformative Leadership


A revised curriculum was implemented beginning in fall 2014. The revision is based on three criteria: theological integrity, pedagogy of formation, and relevance to the needs of the church. It provides clearer pedagogical objectives and greater focus on formation and pastoral identity.