500 level courses

Bible V: Acts, Epistles & Revelation (must pass 321 before taking 521*)

Theology in the Contemporary Church


Theological Reflection: Practice of Ministry

Bible II: Torah & Israel’s History (must pass COS 221 before taking COS 421*) 

Theological Heritage II: Early Church

Worship & Sacraments

Administration & Polity

Bible III: Gospels (must pass COS 321 before taking COS 521*)

Theological Heritage III: Medieval-Reformation

Congregational Care


200-400 level courses

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All 100 level coures must be taken before any others*

Bible I: Introduction

Theological Heritage I: Introduction

Formation & Discipleship

Transformative Leadership


A revised curriculum was implemented beginning in fall 2014. The revision is based on three criteria: theological integrity, pedagogy of formation, and relevance to the needs of the church. It provides clearer pedagogical objectives and greater focus on formation and pastoral identity.

Until further notice, in cases of scheduling difficulties, up to two 500-level courses may be taken if all 100-300 level and at least two 400-level courses have been completed.* 

* Exceptions only with approval from COS Director

Bible IV: Prophets, Psalms & Wisdom Literature (must pass COS 221 before taking COS 421*)

Theological Heritage IV: Wesleyan Movement



Course of Study School of Ohio


It is strongly recommended that students progress through the levels sequentially when possible.